Both mild and functionally superior

The oligomeric alkylglycosides will have an impact on both the cosmetics and personal care sector striving to become more green and sustainable and on the pharmaceutical industry, looking for new and innovative formulation technologies. The oligomeric alkylglycosides will provide the industry with a unique, game-changing technology and substantially improve on market position.

The oligomeric alkylglycosides are highly suitable for use in various cosmetics and personal care products. They are milder and less irritating than conventional alkylglycosides and add interesting features to the range of completely “green” and biobased nonionic surfactants available for formulation, such as excellent wetting, dispersion, and emulsification properties.


Oligomeric alkylglycosides will make it possible to formulate highly innovative and completely green cosmetics and personal care products without compromising on quality. The oligomeric alkylglycosides are chemically and thermally stable, and have proven to be exceptionally efficient as dispersion agents.

Using oligomeric alkylglycosides for the formulation of pharmaceuticals will lead to more stable products, more successful clinical trials, less side-effects and the possibility of formulating APIs which today are difficult to formulate with existing technology.

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