Enza Biotech AB was founded in 2012 as a spin-off company based on results from a research programme coordinated by Lund University. The fruitful collaboration between biotechnology researchers and materials scientists resulted in the design of a production process for a completely novel type of nonionic surfactants, the oligomeric alkylglycosides, OLMAG® surfactants. Such molecular structures had earlier been identified as possible candidates for replacing polysorbate in the pharmaceutical industry, and many attempts to synthesise them were made without success. It was not until an enzymatic synthesis route was designed that they could be produced and their excellent properties were verified.

Even though the need for the oligomeric alkylglycosides was first identified in the pharmaceutical field, and the molecular structure was designed with the aim of replacing polysorbate, the oligomeric alkylglycosides also meet the demand for green and biobased nonionic surfactants in the cosmetics and personal care sector.

Enza Biotech was acquired by Croda International in 2017.