The cosmetics and personal care sector are large consumers of nonionic surfactants, and today there is a clear trend towards more green and sustainable cosmetics and personal care products. Existing green surfactant technologies fulfil part of the demand but there is a need for new and innovative solutions that provide the right functional performance and at the same time are green and biodegradable. The oligomeric alkylglycosides produced by Enza Biotech have longer hydrophilic headgroups than the commercially available alkylglycosides. The oligomeric surfactants have varying alkyl chain lengths, depending on the application area. By extending the headgroup, a longer alkyl chain length can be used without running into problems with insolubility. Since longer alkyl chain lengths are related to less irritation and milder features, this is an advantage in all applications that come in contact with the human body. Moreover, the extended headgroup of the oligomeric surfactants have given them new and improved functionalities in for example the area of wetting and dispersion.