Using nature´s own catalysts

Enza Biotech uses an approach which has been developed by nature for millions of years, to create novel chemical structures entirely based on natural raw materials. By using nature´s own catalysts, enzymes, to perform chemical reactions, Enza Biotech can alter the chemical structure of existing molecules to create functionally better and more compatible compounds. The environmental friendly production method is performed under mild conditions and yields completely “green” and biodegradable products.

Currently the company is focusing on the enzymatic production of a novel class of biobased nonionic surfactants. By using enzymes to extend the hydrophilic headgroup of alkylglycosides, oligomeric alkylglycosides have been created. The mildness and interesting functional profile of the oligomeric alkylglycosides render them interesting for use in all applications with close contact with the human body, such as cosmetics and personal care products as well as pharmaceuticals.